Evolution Gaming’s Live Craps

The publisher Evolution Gaming which owns its own casino studios has decided to finally launch Evolution Craps, the famous craps game in a live version with a dealer. In this article, our experts introduce you to this new Live Casino game.

Discover The Theme And Details Of Craps Evolution

In this new Evolution Craps game, the dealer awaits you in the heart of an underground casino. Not only the dealer’s attire but also the decor around is very immersive.

The aim of the game? To predict the outcome of the roll of two dice. The principle is to bet on the luck or bad luck of the dice thrower (the dealer).

Evolution Gaming has implemented all the necessary tools on this live game to make the game easier to play and understand. You will be able to see how many of you have bet on the same number, your winning potential, and much more…

Evolution build and craps

Moreover, dynamic statistics appear behind the dealer displaying the game statistics (quite useful!) to maximise your chances of winning. Also, for beginner players, a very well-done tutorial is offered by Evolution Gaming!

Craps Evolution Features

Evolution Gaming has created a game that is very immersive, but above all complete in terms of bet types and features.

Here are the most important ones:

  • One Roll Bet: this is the easiest one, just bet on a roll of the dice and the results fall directly, it is very possible to win even without knowing the game;
  • Multi-Roll Bet: this time it may require an infinite number of rolls, as long as your bet has not fallen. Some are easier to play than others. Some bets bring more adrenaline-like Hardways (bet on a pair);
  • Easy mode: as the name suggests, it is intended for beginners. The interface is simpler and some types of bets are removed, ideal for starting out in live craps!

You could win a lot of money by joining the live dealer so don’t waste another second!