Top Casino Gaming Apps


Top Casino Gaming Apps

Most top gaming apps focus heavily on slot gameplay. These are free to download via Google Play or Apple Store, with many also available through Facebook!

 Coin Master

Some people might not want to spend their money on in-app purchases, but if you’re looking for something that will last longer, this is the way forward. Have fun playing games with friends and family!

Recently, the gaming world has been expanding incredibly. Many people thought that only real casinos could offer this type of experience, but there’s plenty for you online too! Some apps have even earned a “T” rating, which means they’re appropriate if your child can access them on their device, unlike many video games these days where parental consent might be needed every time we want our kids to enjoy themselves without supervision from mommy or daddy.

Looking for a way to spice up your next Vegas-style casino night? Check out the top 10 slot apps on google play and the App Store! These ranked lists will help you find some new fun without spending any money.

  1. Coin Master

This popular game has been the center of many commercial activities for its stars. Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and more have all made appearances alongside Coin Master’s famous tagline “The Perfect Weekend.”

Coin Master is a casino gaming app created by Israel’s Moon Active Studio. It hit the market in 2015, and within two years, it skyrocketed to be one of their most popular games, ranking #1, grossing across Europe for Germany and the United Kingdom! By 2021 this humble little slot machine would’ve made over 77 million dollars with nearly 100M downloads worldwide.

The game is designed for one player but can be played against other players in competitive matches that offer incentives to attack their villages. To date, this custom-made adventure has grown with new levels up to 316 and now lies at version 3.5 290!

  1.  Slotomania

Slotomania is one of the most popular games in recent times, with more than 50 million downloads to date and $21.92M collected through version 6 releases so far! It first began appearing on mobile devices in 2011 when it was still new but has since expanded into desktop computers as well due to its popularity amongst players who want something beyond just guessing at their next win rewarded by an automated system like slot machines do offer.

The game is built on the simple luck-based slot machine, but it has grown to offer more than 200 slots within its app. As players get better at playing and completing missions in this social casino where they can send gifts to each other via Facebook or email–it turns into something pretty entertaining!

John Goodman is a well-known actor associated with many brands. His voice could be heard in commercials for vacuum cleaners, and he also appeared on billboards advertising GEICO Gecko car insurance, but it’s not just America that credits him as an advertisement – even other countries know how great of a person this man is!

  1. Bingo Blitz

The bingo game has recently seen an interesting revolution. With modernized offerings like Bingo Blitz, more people than ever before can enjoy this traditional American pastime!

Playtika, the developer of this app, has released a more modernized version that is now the third-most-popular casino game in America. They’ve added features such as chats and missions, which help people connect while playing bingo blitz – all for free!

It has been a month since the release of version 4.64, and we have already seen more than 10 million downloads generate $17,264 in revenue for this application!

  1. Jackpot Party Casino

Jackpot Party Casino is an online casino created by Phantom EFX Studios. The company was working together with WMS Industries back in 2011 when they released this game, but now SG Interactive owns the brand, and it accumulated $15M in revenue within 10 years.

The grand adventures of this slot game are ever continuing as it has more than 110 different types of jackpots. With 60M downloads, there’s no wonder the fourth highest ranking in terms of worldwide popularity and currently at version 5020.

  1. DoubleDown Casino

The appropriately-named DoubleDown Interactive studio has created a sleek and sophisticated app with over 200 slots. Jackpots are part of the offerings, which prompted 10M people to download it in just two years – generating $15M revenue since 2012.

  1. Cash Frenzy Casino

SpinX Games Ltd., a new slot machine app that just hit the market in 2018 is already one of Canada’s most popular gaming apps, with more than 10M downloads to its credit. And it has skyrocketed up global rankings, reaching sixth place for all revenue records at $13.63M.

  1. Cashman Casino

The game of Mr. Cashman is so popular that it has made its way from casinos worldwide to online gambling sites like Product Madness, where you can play this fun slot machine for cash or points.

  1. Lightning Link Casino

Lit link is the newest game to hit app stores, and it’s already made its way into our top 5 with over 5 million downloads! It also earns more than 12k dollars every month.

  1. House of Fun

This free casino slot game app is one of Playtika’s many successes. It first hit the market around 2013 and has since then attracted more than 10 million downloads worldwide with $10-per Millar revenue!

  1. World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The world’s most recognized poker brand, Playtika, is partnering with the WSOP to offer free play online. It has been said that this game was one of if not THE best mobile casino apps during 2003 – 2011 but came back stronger than ever in 2013 when they released their newest title, “Pokernights,” by exploiting users’ needs for choice and innovation at an already saturated market filled competitors offering mostly mediocre products which were no longer cutting it anymore due too many investors losing money after crash down again.

The game is a big hit with over 50 million downloads, and an upcoming update that will be version 8.7.2 at this time has accumulated more than $9M in revenue for the company!

The game of poker has been around for decades and is still going strong. Even with the growth in popularity, it’s easy to play without spending too much time or money on gameplay changes like new cards that might give you an edge at winning those bracelet bets!

  1. Jackpot Storm: Highest Rated on Google Play

Jackpot Storm is a great casino app for people who want to play slot machines and win big. It features free coins every 2 hours, in-app purchases with no additional cost after downloading the game (although there are ads), and multiplayer tournaments where you can use your collected golds/coins as fuel – all this without risking any real money!

  1. Slots of Vegas: Highest Rated on the App Store

The top-rated casino app of 2022 at the Apple Apps Store is “Slots Of Vegas” from HHS Daily. The App Store preview also lists Slots of VBegas as one of their favourite slot machine casino games, with a 4 out 5 stars rating by 718 users! Designed specifically for iPad, it’s free to download and offers in-app purchases that can provide you up a bonus worth 50 million coins when new players signup today – so what are you waiting to get started now?!

Ready to get your heart racing? We have just the place if you’re looking for fun online casinos that offer great bonuses. Check out our reviews of Canada’s top-ranked sites and easily claim big games!