Wins of Fortune Slot Review

Join the legendary heroes on a mission to protect innocent people, win fabulous rewards along your way and ascend towards glory in this online slot game from Quickspin. The Far East is waiting for you with its beautiful landscape full of tranquillity – play Wins Of Fortune today!

The Chinese-themed slot comes with a Wins Of Fortune feature triggered by any winning combination. With 4 consecutive wins, you’ll be able to play on 259 ways for more chances at winning!

Wins of Fortune Gameplay

Wins of Fortune Bonuses

Meet Wins of Fortune, a unique slot machine with 76 ways to win. After four consecutive wins on this game’s 3×3 grid (the most common configuration), you’ll be introduced into 5×5 mode, where there are inevitably 259 combinations that can bring home some serious money! Don’t forget about our wild symbols either–they may link up together to create even more lucrative outcomes for players who play patiently enough.

You’ll be happy to know that the symbols on this reel include some of your favourite gemstones. You can find green, turquoise and blue diamonds and pink rubies! There are also jade nodules with sapphires in them- it is a treasure trove waiting for you out there somewhere.

Quickspin has released an amazing new slots video on their Vimeo page! The Wins of Fortune features some incredible graphics and sounds and interactive elements that allow players to take part in all sorts of extras, such as bonuses. If you’re looking for something fresh, then I thoroughly recommend checking this one out.

Say hello to my little friend! This Vimeocd was made by a German company called “vimeo.” It’s an online video-sharing platform that allows you to upload your videos, share them with others on the site, or watch other people’s creativity in action.

With 76 different ways to win and a great potential for big prizes, Wins of Fortune Slots is sure not to be boring.

Quickspin designed the game so you can adjust your bets anytime to compare potential payouts. The maximum possible bet size is 100 credits per spin, but remember that what we earn depends on how big of a risk our bet takes and whether or not there are any winning symbols at all!

Wins of Fortune Bonuses

The more you win, the better! Every time your icon scores a point in this game and finishes off with an “X” or Cardinal symbol, it will add another line to how many ways there are at that moment. For instance, if I get three consecutive wins on my first try, then we’re looking good for upending those numbers from 76 total chances (1×6+2) onto 90 moves available per spin after each successful proposition.

The super respin feature is triggered when you win five consecutive games. It plays on a 5×5 reel layout with 259 different ways to win, so it’s possible for all triggering symbols from each new game round will remain visible during the spins and continue until there are no more winning combinations left!

Is It Worth A Spin?

Whether you’re in the mood for something different, Wins of Fortune will make it happen. It’ll be fun joining these legendary heroes and fighting alongside them on their quest; they may even give away some fantastic prizes!

The rules to play are simple. Just like the name says, you need 3 or more symbols of a kind on your adjacent reels from left to right for each win! There’s also an increasing way that gives extra coins with every successful gamble – it doesn’t take long before players can go super berserk and start picking up big paychecks to boot as well at this gaming lounge featuring tons upon opportunities when launching into action within its wide selection It may seem overwhelming initially but keep at them awhile longer because things will eventually click together better than ever before.

Wins of Fortune Final Verdict

Wins of Fortune is a medium variance slot with great features and animations. It’s not as lucrative on free spins, but there are frequent respins that can help you out when it comes to your next big win! The Chinese tune in the background makes for some good fun while playing–you’ll be able to enjoy this game without downloading anything since its no registration required mode allows access right away after installing onto personal devices or computers.